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AGS Import (AGS2) has now replaced the old Sagitta Import

As Customs’ new declaration reporting system, Aangiftesysteem, continues to be rolled out, AGS Import (AGS2) is the latest phase to be completed. It hasn’t all been plain sailing and valuable lessons have been learned as our Customs and Solutions Manager Erik Meijers explains…..

Well, the transition to the new AGS Import (AGS2) reporting system is finally complete and we can bid a fond farewell to the old Sagitta Import system.

As the original completion date was originally October 2013, it’s safe to assume the switch has proved more challenging for Customs than first anticipated.

Of course, even with the best laid plans and intentions, major changes to any IT infrastructure can be subject to delays for all sorts of unforeseen reasons.

In this case, the complex nature of the reporting and the fact that the process was new to both Customs and software developers alike were contributory factors to the original target date for the “Big Bang” being ultimately impossible to achieve.

We anticipate the implementation of the subsequent phases, AGS Export (AGS3) and AGS Storage (AGS4), will benefit from the experience gained from the process so far.

Lessons Learned During AGS Import (AGS2) Implementation

Before the release of any Customs software application, a set of specifications is issued that need to be adhered to, For AGS Import these included separate specifications for elements such as the declaration message itself, response messages, layouts for documents/reports and a User Manual.

In the case of the AGS Import specifications there were certain anomalies which led to errors being highlighted incorrectly during testing. As a result, it was decided that the Alliantie Douane Software (ADS) would review the specifications for AGS3 prior to them being published.

We back this move fully as we firmly believe that collaboration between the software suppliers and Customs is a prerequisite to developing a good quality product.

Creating the Perfect AGS Solution

When it came to designing our own AGS solution, we decided to take our lead from the World Customs Organisation’s data classes and developed a brand new future proofed application specifically for AGS Import and its subsequent phases.

AGS Import Software

Langdon’s AGS Import Software

Our AGS Import software is a standalone solution and sits apart from our existing system which is built around the warehouse module for stock control and the corresponding reports to Customs.

Uniquely, the backend database structure has been developed from the ground up, enabling faster processing of transactions.

The Way Forward

Langdon’s AGS Import application is now live for all our users dealing with direct imports and in addition to an on-site solution we also offer a hosted option.

We’d love to show you our new AGS application in operation. Contact us for a free demo.

So that’s AGS2 done and dusted. Well almost….

In the recently published specifications for AGS3 there are also some changes included for AGS Import. But we’ll address these in a future blog.