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ViaChina uses Langdon's AGS Import solution

We are proud to announce our newest customer ViaChina. ViaChina offers DDP logistics solutions for e-commerce shipments from China to Europe.

With a high daily volume of airfreight shipments ViaChina was looking for a fully automated AGS import solution, enabling them to clear entire airfreight units on a package level as soon as these shipments arrive on their premise.

Following a very short implementation project, ViaChina now successfully uses our black box AGS Import solution. All required shipment information is interfaced immediately to our application the minute the goods arrive at their warehouse. After a successful validation of this data, the declarations are submitted to Customs without any manual intervention.

The combination of the high data accuracy and the fact that there is no manual intervention results in the automatic clearance of hundreds of shipments within minutes after the arrival of the goods, enabling ViaChina to deliver to their end customers without any delay.

In case of any detected error or if a declaration is rejected by Customs, this information is passed back to the commercial system of ViaChina, allowing them to correct any incorrect data and resubmit the shipment to our application. With this approach the data in the commercial system is in sync with our application at any time, without the need for ViaChina to operate different applications.