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Re-Export Declarations are now obligatory , since the implementation of the UCC

With the implementation of the UCC on 1st May 2016, came the obligation to submit re-export declarations. Langdon offers 3 types of re-export solution: AGSplus (with UI or blackbox), integrated with our DMS Enterprise suite or as a standalone Sagitta solution*.

We are proud to announce the go-live was a success. By 4pm on Monday 2nd May, there had already been 1000 declarations successfully processed by our re-export software!

From Customs side, the systems have so far performed excellently. After submitting the declaration, the average time taken to receive the DMSSAV, SAGTVT and SAGDMA declarations when no checks are carried out is around 1 to 2 minutes. NLEC03 messages have been successfully received for the declarations that are now followed by an NCTS declaration. Hopefully the Customs / tax authorities can keep to these response times when more parties start to declare their re-exports.

*The Sagitta standalone solution has been specially developed for logistics service providers and in-house software builders who do not want to invest in the development of this re-export flow. The standalone Sagitta re-export system can be used fully manually or partially / fully integrated via an interface. We offer this software either as an on-premises solution or as a plug and play SAAS solution in which we take care of the hosting.