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AGS Export is the latest phase of the Aangiftesysteem to be rolled out

With the latest phase of the Aangiftesysteem, AGS Export, currently being rolled out, Langdon’s Customs and Solutions Manager, Erik Meijers provides an update and explains that the signs, so far, are encouraging…

With 2017 already here, AGS Export has now taken over a large part of the Sagitta Export System volumes.

Although the switch-over has not been completely flawless, initial experiences with the new system have been positive. Issues encountered with Licensed Goods and Multiple Commodities were solved by Customs and, on that basis, the Software Developers and Dutch Customs decided to proceed with the next phase of the rollout of the AGS Export system.

Now that we’re approaching the end of this phase, the businesses that are still waiting to switch to AGS Export are the “customisation companies”. These are typically large volume customers so it will be interesting to see how the AGS platform handles a large increase in numbers of declarations.

Although the availability and the Emergency Procedures are still some cause for concern, Dutch Customs has shut down the DSU platform for new declarations.

The users currently consider the availability of AGS to be less than perfect, but even the companies that had chosen to postpone the switchover and remain on the DSU platform have been moved from DSU to AGS.

Apart from the issue regarding the availability, users seem generally pleased with the possibilities of AGS system in comparison to the old DSU system and we expect that the third phase in the AGS Program to be completed in the coming months.

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