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Trade opportunities will be plentiful post-Brexit

Langdon Systems, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands, recently organised a series of round table events in Rotterdam, Arnhem and Eindhoven. The main subject for discussion was what the impact of Brexit might be and how businesses in the Netherlands could make the most of the opportunities for trade that will arise as a consequence.

The events began by asking the participants to split into small groups and discuss the ways Brexit may potentially affect their businesses and how they could be preparing for it. The discussions continued around the different issues their relevant companies faced trading with companies based in the United Kingdom. Customs professionals (including key members of the Langdon Systems team) were on hand to answer any questions the participants had about Brexit.

“Exceptional” Response
We have been delighted to be part of these round table events. Brexit is going to affect every company that currently trades with the UK, and although the full implications of Brexit may not be known for some time yet, we were pleased to be able to offer some clarity to businesses in this time of uncertainty.

The events have been a great success and we’ve received a lot of very positive feedback. In fact, according to the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce survey records, the events have been rated as “exceptional”.

NL Event 2
What’s Next?
All parties involved in the events have been busy answering the almost 200 points raised during the three events. Langdon Systems is also in the process of putting together factsheets to be shared on our social media platforms. We aim to provide regular updates in the form of blogs and news articles throughout the Brexit process.

As a subscript, the Chamber of Commerce was so happy with our input at the Brexit events that they invited us to appear as part of a panel of experts at one of their Certificate of Origin events in Rotterdam, where we were able to answer further Brexit related questions from exporters.

Langdon Systems has more than 30 years’ experience in the creation, development and implementation of Customs Duty Management Systems throughout Europe. If you have any questions about the effects of Brexit, or any other Customs related issue, please send an email to or call us on 040 440 0330.