The Netherlands has long been the rest of the world’s logistics gateway to Mainland Europe. The port of Rotterdam stretches out over a distance of 40 kilometres and is the largest container port in Europe. Every year, over 400 million tons of cargo goes through its 5 harbours, accounting for over 50% of all European trade shipping.

The Netherlands is also the home of one of Europe’s highest capacity air hubs at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and has a sophisticated transport infrastructure, which includes links to the rest of Europe by road, rail and waterways. Also, 20% of Europe’s total warehouse space is in the Netherlands. With this combination, you are looking at a pretty important bit of real estate!

Fortunately, Customs in the Netherlands has a flexible outlook and adopts a favourable attitude to regulations, which all contributes to facilitating your trade. There has been an early adoption of the Union Customs Code (UCC) in AGS and simplified procedures based on Geautomatiseerde Periodieke Aangifte (GPA), which has dominated for the past 25 years. Additionally, due to Article 23, tax breaks are available which we would be happy to help you take advantage of.

Most companies in our industry have other interests and demands on their time outside of Customs. However, this isn’t the case at Langdon’s. Our independence allows us to determine our own priorities and we concentrate solely on Customs related issues as and when they arise without being distracted by other non-Customs matters.

Our client base in the Netherlands includes companies from various sectors such as hi-tech and defence, and we are particularly successful within the 3/4PL sectors.